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Scientifically developed Allicin delivery system which helps to maintain a healthy cardiovascular system. Q: What is Garli-Eze®? A: Garli-Eze is a proprietary, all natural, diet supplement which delivers high levels of biologically active Allicin. Although these high levels of active Allicin can be obtained by eating fresh garlic, the Garli-Eze Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Patented formulation delivers faster Vitamin-C absorption than top-selling supplement. Q: What is Fast-C®? A: Fast-C is the only Vitamin C formulation shown in two US clinical studies to be faster absorbed and equally retained than a leading premium Vitamin C supplement. Q: Where were the studies presented? A: The studies Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

Refreshing electrolyte replenishment without the sugar and salt of the leading sports drink. Q: What is Alkemy Water? A: Alkemy Water is a simple formula of purified water with added minerals and electrolytes in a patented process that provides the best hydrating water available! It is an all-natural, zero-calorie, zero Read More

Frequently Asked Questions

A natural approach to neutralize stomach acid and GI track upset Q: What is Comforteze®? A: Comforteze® is an all-natural OTC drug (antacid) developed to exhibit superior rate of acid neutralization without the use of synthetic/aluminum antacid agents or acid suppressants. It supports a healthy alkaline balance in the gastrointestinal Read More

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We provide pure and potent ingredients to our customers, backed by human clinical trials that have been presented at some of the most distinguished professional scientific meetings. Using the best science available, we have proven our products work and are safe. ADAIR ASSOCIATES, Inc [PHARMACEUTICAL CONSULTING] Dennis Adair, Pharma. D., Ph.D. and Read More